One of my most pleasant memories as a child was of playing a computer game. I couldn’t tell you what it was called–only that it ran on our 486 and had high-fantasy scenes with castles and princesses and dragons. The background was a cartoonish, stationary scene of rolling green hills, and the castles and princesses and dragons were stamps that could be laid onto the scene and moved around. Rather than merely decorate the scene, I sat my younger sister next to it and told her stories about the characters we created. We played that game for hours and hours.

That I was able to use storytelling to transform long and unhappy hours into something wonderful was power. Being able to help my sister and myself through hard times using my words and ideas was power. Writing has always been a constant in my life, a creature with whom I have a turbulent, on again, off again relationship, but can never forget or leave for long.  I love what people can do with words, what things we can change through our storytelling, and I love bringing voices forth into power.

A native of Madison Wisconsin, I went to college at the University of Minnesota-Morris for Gender, Women, and Sexuality studies. I’ve had the privilege of taking creative writing courses at several universities, and feel blessed to have had so many teachers and professors that have helped me hone my skills.

Though I moved to Milwaukee and Hancock, MN, I am back in Madison now.

I am one of the founding board members of WI-521, a local non-profit. I also manage the websites of Proud Theater, a group of high-school based theater organizations. I am Outreach Coordinator with Friends of the State Street Family and WisCARES,  organizations combating homelessness in the Madison area. I also co-chaired WisCon 39, the world’s leading feminist science fiction convention, and am now head of publications. I was recently on the Intersectionality Committee for the Willy St Grocery Co-op. I have my coals in a whole lot of fires.